Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Cat Food

best cat food

Cats were domesticated 4000 years ago and while they were once remarkable with their hunting abilities, however, today felines are now valued for their loving behavior.

And as pet owners, you are responsible for reciprocating the love they give by choosing the best cat food you can buy to ensure their diet and nutrition.

According to research found, owners have to know that cats are an obligate carnivore who need a lot of protein and meat in their diet to be healthy. They might be able to digest limited plant products, but protein should be mainly part of the selection of food.

For pet owners, keep in mind when buying a cat food never purchase foods made up with wheat, color or any soy ingredients, or anything that uses artificial additives like flavors and colors, or food made up of artificial preservatives. It will not be a good choice for your feline.

Hence, having a cat is quite a challenging task especially in shopping and choosing the food for them knowing that there are so many choices to choose. Except you have a thorough knowledge of your cat’s nutritional need and understanding the pet food label. By then, you will realize that the task is overwhelming and you’ll be happy that it is glad to know about it.

Researches and reviews about the best cat food recommendation are summarized and taken into a deeper look to bring you the best and essential way to parenting a feline.

Type of Cat Food

Whether your cat is a fussy or unfussy eater, she will probably let you know what food you must put in the bowl and now is the time to get her used in different type of food.

Let’s get started.

Wet Cat Food

Nowadays, there are wet-food formulas or also known as canned foods that are available in the market that is nearly perfect for your feline’s diet. It is one of the most recommended food by the buyers as it is healthier than dry foods, but it will be a little expensive to buy it. However, it is better to keep in mind that before giving such formula it is important to know what are its benefits and disadvantages.


  • High water content – most of the canned food formulas are 75% moisture that is similar to that of a cat’s natural diet like what they eat in the wild.
  • High Protein content – Wet food has a higher content of protein compared to dry foods, wherein protein is known to be a must-part of cat’s diet.
  • Lesser Calories – though some may suggest that dry is convenient for pet owner it is best to keep in mind that though the wet-food formula is high in protein yet calories are fewer. Also, the good thing about it is that your cat will experience a feeling of fullness after eating the formula.
  • Less preservative – Less preservative will be good for your cat as all ingredients will be all natural that is what a cat needs.
  • Easier to eat


  • Canned foods are deceiving because due to its high content of water, you might be thinking that you are overfeeding your feline but the calorie count are fewer for your cat’s daily nutrition needs.
  • Messy to eat. Though the formula has a lot of benefits still for owners, you will have to put a little effort into cleaning the mess of your cat.
  • Easier to spoil. You have to remember that when you are planning to leave your pet in a day or two, never give them a wet food formula because of this type of food will spoil.
  • Cannot be refrigerated and must be used within three days
  • Expensive compared to dry formulas

Cats have been like children whom we want to give nothing but the best. And it is a must to remember that knowing what will be the best-wet cat food providing a nutritionally complete meal will be the best way to take care of your feline’s health and diet.

Dry Cat Food

On the other hand, most of the vegetarians believe that there is nothing wrong with the dry formula for cats.  According to research made, though this type of cat food may look convenient to all the pet owners, try to keep in mind that there also benefits and disadvantages in buying this food for your cat. To give you a better understanding of the pet food label, let’s know more about it.


  • Last longer. Unlike the wet-food formula, this type of food is considered to be the most convenient and easy to give especially in a situation where you want to leave your cat for a day.
  • Budget-friendly. If you are a cat owner, who wants to meet the daily nutrition needs of your pet without spending much money on it. Then, dry food is the right choice to make.
  • Convenient to measure. It is an advantage for owners to choose dry food because it’s easy to measure and feed.
  • Dental benefits. One of the reasons why dry food is considered to be the best meal for the cat is because of its dental health benefits.


  • Less protein count. The amount of protein present in dry cat food is usually lower compared to canned foods.
  • It could lead your cat dehydrated. Knowing that it is indeed a 100 percent dry, it will not be a good choice for your cat as it will lead them to be easily dehydrated if you will not give enough source of water.
  • It is not for everyone. Be careful not to give your pet a dried formula especially if they are suffering from certain health problems like kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and diabetes.

If you are looking for the best dry cat food for your pet, it is a must to remember that brands reach in energy sources and protein is what you must have.

Mixed Feeding

How about a mix of wet and dry food?

Knowing all the things about the two types of cat food, some cat owners prefer to mix wet and dry food, wherein research says that a mix of these foods might benefit your cat in more ways than one.

Here are some of the benefits that you and your cat will surely love if given a chance to try it.

  • Weight Management. A mixed of dry formula and wet formula will help you see a good result when it comes to the weight of your pet.
  • Healthy Metabolism. When you decided to do this type of mixed feeding it provides a good and healthy balance protein count. As a result, it satisfies your cat’s instinctive feeding behavior.
  • Enjoyment while eating. If you will know and understand the cat’s behavior, you will notice that most of them prefer to eat a mixture of both wet and dry foods compared to dry only or wet only.

Raw Cat Food

cat raw food

What about raw?

Some cat owners and experts believed that raw cat food is still the best choice to provide a nutritional meal for your cat. However, keep in mind that not all cats will enjoy it.

Also, remember that there is the harm in raw feeding both for the cat and the owner. Dangerous pathogens are present when a raw cat food diet comes down in a cross-contamination it will be risky for the whole people inside the house.

While there are categories under cat foods that you can feed to your cats, such as premium cat food, grocery meal, homemade cat food, and vegan cat food. All of these foods presented in you as a feline owner it is important which among these types and categories will be good for them but to know about it you have to consider some factors that will definitely give the most enjoyable meal for your cat.

What are the factors to consider in choosing the best cat food?

To provide the best health and nutrition care for your cat, you have to know what are the factors to consider in buying a healthy food for them. — your pet’s overall health needs will depend on the right choice of food you give.


Your cats have three stages to go with, from being a kitten to adult cats to senior cats. Its stages have the best diet plan that will perfectly suit for them and choosing the suitable food for them should be formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of the specific age.


The first stage in a cat’s life, wherein your cat is more active and convert calories quickly compared to adult cats that’s why a diet rich in protein and fat is needed. Through the help of this diet, it will help your cat to have a faster development of teeth, muscle, and bones.

Adult Cat

In this stage of your cat, you have to remember to give this adult cat a low-calorie diet. Cats who are in this stage easily gains weight that sometimes leads to obesity. Like the human, adult cats who are overfed will lead to diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and arthritis unless an adult cat is pregnant.

Senior Cat

As your cat ages, they are more prone to the health risk that is better to keep their diet on track. A perfect diet plan for this stage is a low-fat and carb diet with a high-calorie content, which does the processing burden on their kidneys.

2.Body Condition and Weight

It is your job to have a regular check with your cat’s body weight and knowing their present condition will be a helping hand for you to choose which among the type of food is perfect for them.

Ideal Body Weight

A well-proportioned body of the cat is where you can see a waist behind the ribs. In this condition, you have to follow some healthy food guidelines to maintain such weight. Also, keep in mind that you have to practice your feline some exercises and good eating habits.


To see if your cat is underweight ribs are easily visible they have a noticeable waist behind their ribs. In this case, you have to observe your cat if she likes the food you are giving to her or the worst case if she stops eating it is the best advice to consult a veterinarian to look after her.


Your cat will never be overweight unless there are reasons behind it and to know if your cat is obese, try to look with their ribs. If you cannot feel the ribs and the lumbar area of your cat, then the cat must overweight. The recommended home therapy that you can do is to give them the proper diet and daily exercise.

3.Health Statuses

When you and your cat have this good connection, the moment you the minute you notice something’s off about your cat it is now time to see a vet to look after her. When sometimes we thought that it is just a bad day to your feline but then little did you know it is a serious health condition. Hence, let’s go through with those conditions and be alert to see if your dearest cat is going this kind of status.


Cats who will not undergo a proper diet plan will experience overweight or also called obesity. So as an owner, it is your responsibility to monitor the amount of food intake that your feline is doing in a day. Remember that at a young age, a kitten needs attention to receive proper care diet.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)

FLUTD is the most common health diseases that most of the cats are experiencing. It is a condition wherein it affects the bladder and urethra of cats. Try to observe your cat, when she shows signs of distress and pain when urinating, prolonged frequency in urinating, and blood in the urine. She has Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease and tries to seek vet’s advice for your pet. Hence, if your cat has this kind of condition dry food is not for her she might be needing a meal with a high content of water, which is the wet food.


You might see diabetes as a normal condition that all cats can experience, however diabetes in cats is complex disease wherein prompted by either a deficiency of the hormone insulin or an inadequate response to insulin. If you think your cat has diabetes then dry food is not recommended. Consult your vet to see what is the best diet plan for your feline.

Kidney Disease

Like humans, cats are also prone to kidney diseases. That’s why dry food will not be a good diet meal for them. Cats who have kidney diseases need a large amount of protein and phosphate intake that will be good for their kidney.

Dental Health Problems

If you brush your teeth every day, cats need the same care as well for their teeth. However, if you are looking for a diet meal that will be good for their teeth, either wet-food formula or the dried one will be good for dental cleansing.


Cancer is also one of the health conditions that your cat can experience. Cats who have this kind of condition needs diets that are low in carbohydrates but high in protein and fat. Also, you have to remember that the food you choose for them should be highly digestible and absorbable.

Other than these above-mentioned diseases, there are still some conditions that your cat will be prone to like skin allergies, food intolerance, and heart disease. Any of these diseases what you cat need is for you to choose the best diet yet a nutritional plan.


How about your budget? Have you tried to consider this one?

Budget is also one of the factors you have to consider when trying to choose, which among the cat foods available in the market will be the best for your cat’s health and age.

Just keep in mind that not everything that is cheap nor expensive could be the best decision for your cat. Try to consider and look with all the factors present and from then, you can decide what will be the perfect cat meal that is budget friendly and nutritious.

Last word of wisdom for the cat owners

Keep in mind that there will be a lot of cat diet plan will be there with a variety of flavors and protein sources, but to know if it is healthy enough for your feline try to read the label and see if the nutritional facts will meet the needs of your cats.

Remember that providing the nourishing food is the secret for a long, and healthy life. Also, the good thing about choosing the food for them,  they will have a chance to enjoy it.